As a public school district, we are fiscally responsible to our community. We strive to provide timely and accurate financial support to administrators, staff, the governing board, vendors, and the community. If you have any questions about our school budget or how our district allocates funds for various activities and programs, you are welcome to contact Marie Larson. We are happy to answer your questions; please call Exira-Elk Horn-Kimballton at (712) 764-4616, or fax any information to (712) 764-4626.

Property Tax Rates

Tax rates by school year:

  • Prior to Consolidation
    • 2013-14 Exira - $14.23/thousand
    • 2013-14 EHK - $14.98/thousand
  • After Consolidation
    • 2014-15 - $13.07/thousand
    • 2015-16 - $11.81/thousand
    • 2016-17 - $10.58/thousand
    • 2017-18 - $10.60/thousand

Fundraising Made Easy

You can help the school earn money with just a little extra effort on your part. Look at the list below and see how you can help. Thanks for your support!

Items For Sale

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